Estimating IPv6 & DNSSEC External Service Deployment Status

Department of Veterans Affairs

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- Detailed IPv6 & DNSSEC Service Interface Statistics for 2019.04.19 -

DomainOrganizationDNSMailWebLinks   DNSSEC   
gov.nrd.Department of Veterans Affairs[2] 0/0/0 [I][1] 0/0/0 [I][1] 0/0/0 [I]0%/0%S/V/C of Veterans Affairs[4] 4/4/4 [I][1] 1/1/1 [I][1] 1/1/1 [I]100%/100%S/V/C
gov.vetbiz.Department of Veterans Affairs[S] 0/0/0 [L][0] 0/0/0 [-][0] 0/0/0 [-]0%/0%U/-/-

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