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- Referenced Domain Web Statistics for 2020.11.26 - | Department of Energy v4[s] v4[B] v4[Mbps] v6[s] v6[B] v6[Mbps] 6/4[Mbps] v4|v6
com.facebook.www  (https)
0.4442159153.710.4082160744.04109%graph  [v4R] 1/0.023s  [v6R] 1/0.046s
com.googleapis.fonts  (https)
com.instagram.www  (https)
com.linkedin.www  (https)
com.twitter  (https)
0.313443331.080.00000n/agraph  (https)
0.7714621304.581.0054638383.5277%graph  (https)
1.734301030.130.612301030.38284%graph  [v4R] 2/0.214s  [v6R] 2/0.188s
0.445281920.480.319281920.67139%graph  (https)  [v4R] 1/0.154s  [v6R] 1/0.170s
0.290281920.740.298281920.7297%graph  [v4R] 2/0.440s  [v6R] 2/0.278s
IPv6 operational: 100% of linked subdomains (3/3), 91% of all linked domains (10/11)v4[s]v4[B]v4[Mbps]v6[s]v6[B]v6[Mbps]6/4[Mbps]v4|v6

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